Take the Air Quality Pledge!

By taking the pledge, you are showing your commitment to helping keep our air clean and healthy to breathe for everyone in our community.  Even the smallest changes will add up to big rewards.

Here are a few easy ways to help keep our air clean and healthy to breathe:

  • Burn only clean, dry wood that is 20% moisture content or less
  • Split, Stack, Store & Save firewood for at least 6 warm months
  • Go out and look!  Make sure your wood stove is not smoking out your neighbors.
  • Plug in vehicles at +20⁰F and colder
  • Walk, bike, carpool or ride the MACS Transit bus system whenever possible
  • Sign up to receive air quality alerts via text or email
  • Annual maintenance on home heating appliances and vehicles
  • Weatherize your home or business
  • Use energy efficient appliances
  • Do not burn household trash
  • Do not idle vehicles for more than a few minutes
  • Visit AQFairbanks.com for more information

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